Here a few examples of some other work which I have done, with their respective languages. Click on images to expand them in a new tab.


Languages: Lua

A complete redesign of the main UI of the ZARP SSRP server, which includes all of the key features, content and actions for users.

ZARP SSRP Car Dealer

Languages: Lua, MySQL

Integration of the 'simfphys' vehicle system into ZARP SSRP and a car dealer NPC with a menu and full customisation options available for all vehicles.

Different garage types are supported to allow for job-based garages such as emergency vehicles for Police jobs.

ZARP SSRP Admin Center

Languages: Lua, MySQL

The ZARP SSRP Admin Center allows users to create reports to be reviewed and handled by staff members. It also includes activity tracking for monitoring staff performance, including ingame weekly activity, total activity and weekly report counts.

The Admin Center also includes utility features such as extensive logging for staff.


Languages: Lua, MySQL

The ZARP SSRP Taxi Job allows users to make money by driving around the map. By purchasing a Taxi from the Taxi Depot NPC, they must drive around a specified route and make stops along the way to earn money.

This was formerly the Bus Driver job, but had to be scaled down due to a change to a smaller map.


Languages: Lua, MySQL, PHP

The ZARP SSRP Socials system allows users to link various external social accounts with their ingame ZARP account and complete actions for ingame rewards.

This includes Discord accounts, which requires interfacing with the Discord RPC server and OAuth2 API.

ZARP SSRP Leaderboards

Languages: Lua, MySQL, PHP

Weekly automated leaderboards for various elements of gameplay. The top 3 users every week automatically receive rare item rewards which are pre-selected at the start of the week and reset every Friday.

This system also supports permanent leaderboards which don't reset and aren't associated with any prizes.

ZARP Forum Github Integration

Languages: PHP

Integration on the ZARP Joomla/Kunena forums with Github to display outstanding Github issues categorised by their respective milestone.