Below are all of my publicly available FiveM scripts, created as part of the Liberty Scripts team. These scripts are written in Lua, with web UI made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, most of which also include elements of other languages such as MySQL.

Liberty Customs

Languages: Lua, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

A feature-rich, sleek and modern mechanic/repair shop script - head down to Los Santos Customs or Benny's Motorsports and use Liberty Customs to repair, upgrade and modify your vehicle in style.

Liberty Scrapyard

Languages: Lua

A simple scrapyard job, with support for automatic vehicle selection and multiple scrapyard. Get a job, take the requested vehicle back to the scrapyard and disassemble it for cash.

Liberty Lawnmower

Languages: Lua

A simple lawnmowing job - grab yourself a lawnmower, head to the designated zone and mow the lawn to earn some cash from automatically generated grass spots. Earn more cash the more grass you mow and with bonuses for completing more zones.

Liberty Garbage

Languages: Lua, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

A full multiplayer trash collection job - invite up to 3 friends (for a total of 4 team members) to join you as you head around the city and collect trash, getting bags from the streets and bins to keep the streets clean and earn some cash.

Liberty Vineyard

Languages: Lua

A full vineyard (grape picking, wine processing and selling) script. Liberty Vineyard is an interactive and involved way for players to make money, with a range of grape/wine types, delivery routes and integration available with Liberty Skills.

Liberty Skills

Languages: Lua, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS

A full skills system for FiveM including 5 default GTA skills, support for Core Crafting's levels and a simple yet detailed config to modify the script or add/remove skill types to your liking.