Zac O'Connell

ZARP Owner | Garry's Mod Developer

About Me

My name is Zac O'Connell, better known as TheXnator online, and I am a developer, primarily in (G)Lua.

I have been programming since around 2014-2015, when I began coding in Java. Since then I have picked up knowledge in a range of languages including (but not limited to): Java, Lua, C#, (Node.)JS, PHP and Python.

My Work

Currently, I work mostly with GLua for Gmod development as a Content Creator at Gmodstore. I am also one of the Community Owners of ZARP Gaming.

Examples of my addons can be found in the addons section.


I also do Twitch streams, which can be found here: Twitch channel.

Generally, I tend to stream games or any tech projects I am currently working on.

Contact / Social

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