Here you can find a list of my public addons and some examples of my work. For enquiries, send a private message on gmodstore or Discord (TheXnator#7954).

xBusiness | Business Addon

Price: $7.99 | Purchases: 31

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xBusiness is an extensive businesses addon designed with care to add an all-new motive for players to grind and work together. With crafting, selling and even counterfeit cash production, xBusiness is well-equipped to keep your users entertained and busy.

xStore | Modern Pointshop

Price: $8.99 | Purchases: 33

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xStore is the modern take on the well-known and popular Pointshop - with a unique economy comprised of card packs, cards and diamonds centred around gameplay and a built-in daily objectives system, xStore brings a new and improved experience from the once-basic, yet integral Pointshop.

xAdmin | Admin Mod

Price: $12 | Purchases: 375

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xAdmin is an administrative system designed to add all the necessary commands and features of existing admin mods, whilst also providing much more. Enhance the experience of your staff members and users with xAdmin!

xWarn | Warning Module

Price: $5.99 | Purchases: 52

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xWarn is a modern warnings module designed to include all necessary functionality of any warnings system, whilst ensuring a simple, sleek experience for everyone involved, from staff members to users!

xLogs | Logging System

Price: $7.99 | Purchases: 57

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xLogs is a modern logging system designed to provide all necessary functionality of any logging system, whilst also providing much more in a simple, sleek experience for everyone involved!

xSuits | Modular Armor Suits

Price: $5.99 | Purchases: 53

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The solution for modular armour suits in your server! Complete with simple configurations and an API for LUA developers.

xGames | Minigames System [Reward Wheel, Menu Customisation & More!]

Price: $5 | Purchases: 39

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A simple and effective minigames system for your Gmod servers, including rewards wheel, simple configuration and much more!